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Student Success Stories

Welcome to the Virscend University testimonial page that will provide real testimonials from real Virscend University graduates. Alumni are crucial to the success of Virscend University. They are a direct reflection of what is delivered in our industry-current learning environment. What do our alumni say about their experience as undergraduates at VU? They say it changed their lives, deepened their understanding of the world, and opened unexpected opportunities for them.

As an Virscend University graduate, you are part of a network of educated practitioners who participate in nearly every facet of human endeavor. Virscend University hopes you will maintain your connection with the University. If VU is to grow and improve with time, your participation is needed. To submit a testimonial, please fill out our Alumni Testimonial Form and remember to email a current photo to!


Calvin L.

Founder, Acmpny Ltd

Virscend MBA Program Alumni

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2017 with a degree in Business. The classes I've taken at Virscend have been on par with those classes I took at CSULB with some of the same teachers as well. It is by no means an easy degree, be assured that the classes will make you work to earn your place at the top of the class. This program has also really challenged me to think critically and consume information at a rate I never thought I could have before. Since I started, I've probably finished a book every 2 weeks with many of those simply for pleasure. It's helped me to develop more habits to ensure that I continue learning even after my program ended."


Eileen T.

Project Manager

Virscend MBA Program Alumni

I graduated with a BS and a BA from UC Irvine. I entered the corporate world, working in the medical and software industries, but I knew that in order to excel in my fields I needed more to move up the corporate ladder. I wanted to walk into any corporate office with the confidence that I am qualified to sit at the leadership table. I chose Virscend University to attain my Master's Degree because it offers small intimate classes, the highest quality education, and a fun learning environment. Studemts do not have to wait in line for one on one time with any of the professors, who are all from prestigious universities and leaders in their respective fields.

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