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Virscend University
Student & Alumni of the Month

Every month, Virscend University selects a student or alumni to feature in our esteemed community showcase. We take pride in highlighting exceptional individuals who have made significant strides in their academic journeys and professional endeavors. These students and alumni represent the best of Virscend, demonstrating remarkable skills, accomplishments, and a commitment to excellence. Join us as we shine a spotlight on these impressive members of our community, celebrating their achievements and inspiring others to reach new heights!

YW Photo_Student of the Month.jpg

Yinyin Wen

IPM Manager | Fabric

Current MBA Student


Yuen Yang

Program Manager I | Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Current MBA Student


Brant DeBoer 

Account Executive |

MBA 22'


Alexander Meschi

Director of Marketing and Tech | Sam Technology

MBA 22'


Jonathan Mai 

Senior Product Manager | CoreLogic

MBA 22'


Crystal Kline

Logistics Processor | Nordstrom

MBA 22'


Derek Warmington 

CEO | Application Fitness

MBA 22'


Jennifer Mai 

Senior Retail Designer | Lovepop

MBA 22'

WeChat Image_20220411183301.jpg

Colette Wang

Flight Attendant | American Airline

MBA 22'


Eileen Tonel

Senior Program Manager | Mint Mobile

MBA 20'


Calvin Leung

Accounts Payable Specialist | SpaceX

MBA 20'

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