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Incomplete Grade Form

If the student has not completed the coursework and earned a grade, the student may petition for one of the following grading marks, if and when, the student follows the appropriate guidelines. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING GRADING MARKS MAY IMPACT A STUDENT’S GPA.  If you plan to request an incomplete grade then please contact the Office of Admissions by emailing Allison McInnis at Check the course catalog found on the school’s website for specific information concerning an incomplete.

Incomplete Grade Policy

  • If a student cannot complete the course work due to medical emergency or other emergency, the incomplete status gives a student a semester/trimester extension, at no additional tuition cost.

  • Students need to finish the remaining course work within a semester and the final grade will be given based on the course work completed

Incomplete Grade Procedure

  • Email the faculty teaching the course that needs the do an Incomplete status

  • Once you have the faculty’s approval (a simple email response from the faculty will suffice as approval), send the approval to the Office of Student Success (

  • Fill out and submit the Incomplete Grade form online.

  • The Office of Student Success will send you a confirmation email, typically within 5 business days of submission.

  • If an incomplete is granted, the student must submit all coursework required to the instructors within the following semester.

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