Articulation Agreements & Partnerships

Articulation Agreements


Virscend University partners with local and international universities to further support students’ educational pursuits.


Articulation agreements with universities allow students to transfer their credits/units to universities that have signed articulation agreements with Virscend University. It offers students options to take courses not offered during a trimester or to transfer to other university programs.


Below we list the schools that have articulation agreements with Virscend University. Click on the link to access the articulation agreement. If you have questions regarding transferring your credits/units to another university, contact the admission department of the university you wish to attend. If you are a university wanting to establish an articulation agreement, contact President, Dr. Robert Chi at (949) 502-6252.

Virscend University welcomes collaborative business relationships. If you would like to collaborate, please contact us at (949) 502-6252.