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Academic Policies

8.1 Attendance Policy and Procedure

8.1.1 Attendance Policy 

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Classroom participation is often one of the necessary and important requirements to learning and in many cases is essential to the educational objectives of the course. Students are required to attend more than 70% of the scheduled sessions throughout the entire program.

8.1.2 Attendance Procedure

When a student falls below 80% of attendance, they will receive a verbal warning from their instructor. When a student falls below 70% of attendance they will be placed on probation for the remainder of the program. The student will be notified of their probation status and they will be required to meet with the Academic Program Director or student advisor. Students who arrive to class more than 10 minutes after the class is scheduled to commence will receive an unexcused absence for that class period, subject to review by the instructor. 

8.2 Academic Probation and Dismissal Policies

The Academic Program Director may place a student on academic probation if the student is not making satisfactory academic progress as per Virscend University’s GPA requirement. The student's grade point average will be monitored at the end of each semester when grades are posted. Should the student's GPA fall below 3.0 for MBA program students and 2.0 for BS program students, a student may be placed on academic probation. This will result in a formal advisory note, which will be sent to the student by mail or email, explaining the reason for the probation. If the student wishes to appeal the formal advisory, the student is to submit a written request for an administrative academic review to the Office of Academic Programs: 


Virscend University, 16490 Bake Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618


 After the completion of the currently enrolled term, the student will have two additional terms to bring his or her grade point average up to or exceeding the minimum standard of the institution. The Academic Program Director will offer assistance in locating a suitable tutor, should such service be requested by the student. Any student seeking a tutor is financially responsible for the cost of all such tutoring. Thereafter, the student's failure to achieve satisfactory academic progress may result in dismissal from the program. 

8.3 Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure

8.3.1 Leave of Absence Policy

  • Students who find it necessary to take time away from their studies for any reason (personal, medical, emergency, etc.) may request to take a Leave of Absence with the Office of Academic Programs. 

  • Leave of Absence application is reviewed by the Provost.

  • Upon approval, Leave of Absence is valid for 2 years.

8.3.2 Leave of Absence Procedure

  • Should circumstances be such that a leave of absence is to be requested, a student must fill out and submit the Leave of Absence application online

  • The application will be reviewed by the Provost and a decision is normally made within 5 working days.

Once a decision has been made, the student must then confirm the decision and the leave of absence may commence as planned. 

8.4 Incomplete Grade Policy and Procedure

8.4.1 Incomplete Grade Policy

  • If a student cannot complete the course work due to medical emergency or other emergency, the incomplete status gives a student a semester/trimester extension, at no additional tuition cost. 

  • Students need to finish the remaining course work within a semester and the final grade will be given based on the course work completed.


8.4.2 Incomplete Grade Procedure

  • Email the faculty teaching the course that needs the do an Incomplete status

  • Once you have the faculty’s approval (a simple email response from the faculty will suffice as approval), send the approval to the Office of Student Success ( 

  • The Office of Student Success will send you a confirmation email, typically within 5 business days of submission. 

  • If an incomplete is granted, the student must submit all coursework required to the instructors within the following semester. 


8.5 Add/Drop Policy and Procedure

8.5.1 Add/Drop Policy

  • 8.5.1a Add or drop within the first 10 working days of the semester
    • Students may add/drop course(s) within the first 10 working days of the semester/trimester without any administrative consequence. No instructor signature is required. However, the university encourages students to meet with the instructor or academic advisor to evaluate whether dropping a course is the best course of action

  • 8.5.2b Add or drop AFTER the first 10 working days and BEFORE the last 10 working days of the semester (Late add/drop)
    • A late fee will be charged for a late add/drop.

    • A late add/drop requires the acceptance and signature of the professor teaching the course as well as the Provost.

    • A late drop will appear on transcripts as a “W”. In addition, the student will need to retake the course.

  • 8.5.3c Dropping a class within the last 10 working days of the semester 
    • Only done in special circumstances and need permission from the Provost​

  • 8.5.4 Administrative Withdrawal
    • If a student is absent or stops showing up to classes, an instructor or administrator may withdraw a student from the course. It is the responsibility of the student to contact their instructor to notify him/her about any absence. Yet, it is at the discretion of a professor to determine whether the absence can be excused. If a student is administratively withdrawn, they will receive an F and will have to retake the course.

8.5.2 Add/Drop Procedure

  • 8.5.2a Add or drop WITHIN the first 10 working days of the semester
  • 8.5.2b Add or drop AFTER the first 10 working days and BEFORE the last 10 working days of the semester
    • Email the faculty teaching the course you wish to add or drop. You must inform the teaching faculty before submitting the form.

    • Fill out and submit the add/drop form online. The form will then be sent to the teaching faculty and the Provost. 

    • The Office of Student Success will send you a confirmation email, typically within 5 business days of submission. 

    • Refunds are processed via the refund policy if applicable. 

  • 8.5.2c Add or drop WITHIN the last 10 working days of the semester. 
    • If you need to add or drop a class within the last 10 business days of a semester, please follow the procedure above. The process will include a special review by the Provost will be completed to approve your add/drop request.

8.6 Student Records and Transcripts Policy and Procedure

8.6.1 Student Records and Transcripts Policy

Student records for all students are kept for ten years. Transcripts and diplomas are kept permanently. Students may inspect and review their educational records. 


8.6.2 Student Records and Transcripts Procedure

Attendance Policy
Academic Prbatieon
Leave of Absence
Incomplete Grade Policy and Procedure
Add/Drop Policy and Procedure
Student Records and Transcripts
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