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Appendix D: Addendums from the 2022-2023 Catalog

  • Added Transparency (pages 17, 19, 49, and 60) – the BS program is expected to launch in Fall 2023

  • Added Transparency (page 13) - Note about program availability 

  • Update to Add/Drop procedure (page 25) – Additional signature required when dropping a course after the first two weeks

  • Update to Grading Policy (MBA) (page 30) – Students are not required to retake a course if they receive a C, unless their cumulative GPA is below the graduation requirement. Students are not placed on probation if they receive a C, provided that their cumulative GPA is above a 3.0.

  • Update to University Fees (page 32) – University fees have been updated (degree conferral fee and MBA tuition) 

  • Change in available payment methods (page 37) - Cash or card is not accepted when paying in person. Students can make payments via the website (debit or credit card) or in person via check.

  • Revision to the BS Learning Objectives (page 60) – Globalization has been added as an additional program learning objective

  • New articulation agreement (page 79) – A new articulation agreement has been signed with the College de Paris

  • Appendices moved to separate document – The appendices are available on the website under the University Catalog. It is also linked HERE and on page 40 of this document.

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